Truth is a project that reinterprets both English version and Spanish version of the constitution of United States of America. The constitution seems out of touch with our daily life even though our society is based on it. Also, it is usually associated with an image of a huge pile of old documents filled with small texts. Therefore, I wanted to make it more accessible and friendly to everyone. Intriguing people was another thing that I kept in my mind while brainstorming the concept and format of it.

Where is this reinterpreted constitution going to be placed? How does it change the image of the constitution? What can touch our daily life and contain personality?

These questions led me to the idea of ‘workbook.’ The format of workbook is easily seen and familiar to the public. Small size and light material allows every household to easily own it. The workbook format also gives more room for each individual’s personality and actual space to study or learn the constitution.


The cover design is simple and bold with bright red color.
Lined paper subtly indicates the format of workbook and matches with the inner pagers.

Black and white are used for the text, and red is used as a point color. Kept the layout simple, clean, and cohesive.


‘FF’ stands for fun fact(it is informed on the table of content page). It gives additional information related to the constitution and adds some fun to it. People can take notes, doodle, or write their thoughts down on the lined part.